Bluesman Gil Gann is our next guest on the Mando Blues show

Posted: December 4, 2010 by mandoblues in Mando Guests

Special thanks to our friend Nadina for arranging Gil Gann to stop by the OmegaLab and recording the Mando Blues show.

Gil’s standard of excellence was set from the beginning. Watching and listening to such masters as Chuck Berry, BB King, James Brown, Dizzy Gillespie and Ray Charles, Gil became enthralled with the world of music. Right out of high school he began performing in the clubs of his hometown, Los Angeles, CA. The Blues is where it started for Gil but over the years he’s written and performed everything from Jazz and Rock, to Funk, Reggae, and even Country. It was the experience of performing these different genres of music and the lifestyles associated with them, that has shaped him into the artist he is today. Gil Gann brings you a little bit of everything… but mostly a lot of Heart, Soul, and Musical

Gil Gann belts out the blues


In addition to his professional endeavors Gil also performs an educational production “We Are The Blues” for children. Using a fifty minute live musical performance as a platform he seeks to foster an appreciation of America’s true art form “The Blues”. Students learn of it’s origins, various styles and diverse cultural influences. As a finale students participate in a Call and Response rendition of a traditional Blues song. This is a rewarding educational and cultural experience. Students come away with a greater understanding of the factors responsible for the music they love.

Tune in Wednesday night, December 8th at 10PM CSt to hear the show.  WRFN Radio Free Nashville, 107.1fm or


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