Cream Dream visits the OmegaLab and shares their knowledge of the Band Cream with Mando Blues

Posted: May 2, 2012 by mandoblues in Uncategorized

Fellow WRFN DJ John Pavlovsky, Mando Alumnus Roy Vogt and Jo Locasto have joined forces to creat Cream Dream…a steller tribute to the first successful super-group, Cream.  With 15 million albums sold and several songs having become staples on classic rock radio, Cream combined the best of Blues-Rock and Psychedelia to make music that has influenced as many artists including Black Sabbath, LedZeppelin and fellow scenster of the time, Jimi Hendrix.  The original band consisted of Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce, all considered virtuoso’s of their instruments.

Tonight’s Mando Blues radio show will explore the deeper cuts from their records, while Cream Dream reenacts choice tracks from their repertoire.  So if you are a Cream fan or if you are just curious about this band, please join us.  You can hear the show at 10PM CST on, 107.1Fm in West Nashville/Franklin, TN or by using the Public Radio app on your Iphone.Image


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