Tonight’s guest on the Mando Blues show!!!

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The Boscoe France Band

When you show up to listen to The Boscoe France Band, one thing is certain: the next hours of your life will be spent listening to a blues anthology inspired by artists such as the palpable Otis Redding, the great Jimi Hendrix, the master Stevie Ray Vaughan, and of course, the King that is known as B.B. This incredible musical journey will introduce you to original tunes like “Worried Mind” and “Hometown Girl,” offering the audience a look into the heart and soul of The Boscoe France Band.

In August 2012, Daniel “Boscoe” France took top honors at Guitar Center’s annual Battle of the Blues competition, outplaying more than 4,000 guitarists. The win earned France international attention in an article published in Guitar World, a studio session with Grammy-winning producer Pete Anderson and endorsements with top music manufacturers, including Gibson Guitars, Eganter Amplification, Ernie Ball, Roland and Shure Microphones, as well as a cash prize. 

France founded his current band in 2011, though he’s been in the music scene since the ripe old age of 4. He was given his first guitar at age 3 and it seems the blues has taken him on a lifelong experience ever since. France is backed by drummer “Smilin’” Jimmy Cummings and by John “ best hair ever” Gillespie on bass. All three musicians bring the blues to life in every show they produce, and you won’t EVER see the same show twice. 

With a catalogue of more than 100 tunes and the ability these cats have to feed off one another, it is entirely possible you will catch a full Hendrix set, if it happens to be, let’s say, Jimi’s birthday. Or you may get to ride along on a seven-minute exploration through time, picking up on some Robert Johnson, Allman Brothers and a little Willie Dixon. 

France successfully marries his straight-up slide guitar skills with arrangements heavy in blues, always including an avant-garde performance where he mesmerizes his audience with an unconventional, guitar-playing fantasy.

The Boscoe France Band hails from Madisonville, KY, and performs throughout the U.S. 

The band heads to Memphis in late January to compete at the world-famous International Blues Challenge,where the trio will represent the River Basin Blues Society.


Guitar Center “Battle of the Blues” clip:


Link to documentary:

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