Ten Foot Polecats invade the omega lab for a blistering Mando blues show…Boston style!

Posted: July 8, 2013 by mandoblues in Mando Guests

Mando blues

July 8, 2103

Ten foot polecats
Jay shefler – vocals, harp
Jim chilson -gtr
Chad Rousseau – drums

Blind boy fuller – July 10, 1907
Blind lemon Jefferson – July 11, 1897
Casey Bill Weldon- July 10, 1909

Wild animal – pickin the blues
Blind boy fuller – sweet honey hole
Scissormen – jumper on the line
Mississippi Fred McDowell and Johnny woods – shake em on down
Ten foot polecats – moonshine and mud (live on Mando blues)
Ten foot polecats – out in the rain
Husky Burnette – work it
Ten foot polecats – do that thing (live on Mando blues)
White trash blues revival – she don’t care
Blind lemon jefferson – Broke and Hungry
Norman Blake – Man of constant sorrow
Ten foot polecats – tears on my windshield (live on Mando blues)
Ten foot polecats – undertow
Casey bill Weldon – somebody changed the lock on my door
Molly gene and the ten foot polecats – do I move you
Ten foot polecats – scratch ticket (live on Mando blues)
Ten foot polecats – shibble with your bibble but your bibble won’t shibble with me (live on Mando blues)
Peter parcek – it takes a train to laugh, takes a train to cry
T model ford – cut you loose
Cannibal ramblers – what’s going home
Ten foot polecats – squeeze (live on Mando blues)
Cadillac John nolden – give away baby
Canned heat – hill stomp


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